About Vine & Wine Management

Our passion, dedication, years of experience, customer focus and training make us the professionals for any one looking to set up, expand or improve their wine venture. More formally, all our staff have at least degree qualifications, most have affiliations with professional bodies, and all have backgrounds in viticulture, wine production, business and project management as well as brand management.

DKG Consulting Ltd is the consulting branch of The DKG GROUP  and offers specialized sustainable solutions to individuals, professional groups and corporations within the fresh produce industry creating value through people, and for people, all driven by a brand-centric philosophy.
DKG Consulting services are focused on greenhouse and farm activities include general advice regarding hydroponic techniques, crop or product selection, cultivar (variety/ies) selection, plant propagation processes, general cultivation practices, distance crop monitoring, feeding solutions recipes, harvesting, packaging and post-harvest practices based on Total Greenhouse Management ®and Total Farm Management® methodologies.
DKG Consulting Ltd is also a service provider for quality, environmental & food safety systems and brand building.