Take Advantage of New Strategies in Regenerative Viticulture & Plant Stress Prevention

Environmental stress factors such as drought, elevated temperature, salinity and rising CO2 affect plant growth and pose a growing threat to sustainable agriculture. This has become a hot issue due to concerns about the effects of climate change on plant resources, biodiversity and global food security.

Plants grow underground, mycorrhizas, bacteria and soil life form an inseparable system. Soil should be seen as a living organism.

The best crop protection comes from its own plant resistance, which is why a healthy soil biology is essential for healthy crops.

The restoration of soil biology in agriculture and horticulture is based on knowledge and practical experience.

We stimulate restorative agriculture by creating awareness through transfer of know-how and education in the field of soil biology.

We apply useful soil fungi, soil bacteria and plant-based fertilizers that stimulate soil life and make plants resilient. The aim is to reduce the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals as much as possible, without loss of production.